Friday, June 26, 2009

Time to get this started again...

So, this blog has officially been neglected. Hell, let's be honest, all my writing has been neglected lately! Yet, bad as I feel about allowing it to slip by the wayside, I haven't been able to muster the wherewithal or conjure up enough energy to do anything about it.

Everyone smiles sympathetically at my lethargy, telling me that I'm supposed to be tired. After all, I am 9 weeks pregnant, and the first trimester is often the most draining. I have had a hard time excusing my lack of ambition and chalking it up to a side effect of the tiny life now growing inside me. Instead, this new adventure that Steven and I have embarked upon should be a great source of new insight, and seems a logical place to start getting myself in the the habit of writing regularly again.

And hey, who knows, one of these days I might even be able to finish that memoir...

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