Friday, January 7, 2011

365 Project - Day 7 - Train of Thought

People say that everything changes when you have kids. I have to admit that I don't quite agree with that. 

As a whole, my life is pretty much the same as it was before Cadence came along. I still enjoy writing and taking photographs. I still enjoy watching movies and reading good books. I still love my husband and enjoy just hanging out and goofing off with him. I still enjoy taking long drives and people-watching and singing along (loudly) to music.

Yet, for all the things that have endured, there have been many changes.

It takes a lot more planning and a lot more time to get out of the house these days, and though I am still anti-purse, I've had to come to terms with carrying a very purse-like diaper bag wherever I go. I've developed a whole new appreciation (and damn near love affair) with showering. I've learned that it is possible to function on just two hours of sleep, as long as there is a cup of coffee involved in the equation. 

The biggest change of all though is in my mind--for it's hard to think about much of anything these days without also thinking about my beautiful little girl.

It seems strange that a year ago, I hadn't even officially met her yet. These days, I have a hard time remembering what life was like without her. Perhaps that is just the price of motherhood--having your thoughts completely derailed and rerouted by this little person that you love more than anything in the world. If there was ever such a thing as a good obsession, I think parenthood might be it.

Today's 365 Project entry is dedicated to all the parents who have had their hearts and minds highjacked by their children.


  1. I love this Lori. I couldn't agree with you more! I was given the wonderful gift of being a mother when God gave you and Lindy to us. Love you!