Wednesday, June 22, 2011

365 Project - Day 273 - Goodbye Blogger

Okay, so I have been fed up with Blogger for awhile now. If you are a complete computer and internet novice looking to start a blog, then it might be right up your alley. But, if you're looking to do a little something more with your blog and have any interest in tweaking it to make it uniquely your own, you would be much better off going somewhere else.

In short, Blogger just has too many issues for my taste.

So, I am finally jumping ship and moving to Wordpress. Eventually, I will also be upgrading the blog to be more of a website, since I want it to eventually be my writing website--a place to display some of my work and where I hope I will continue to grow as a writer. Right now, it is a work in progress. I am just getting everything moved at this point, and then I will start fine-tuning

If you've enjoyed the blog and the stories you have found here, I hope you will continue to follow me in my new venture. So, for today's real 365 Project blog post, head over to:

I'll see you there!

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