Friday, May 13, 2011

365 Project - Day 132 - Thunderstorms

Since Blogger was down all day yesterday and part of today, I had to post yesterday's 365 Photo on Facebook. I thought I'd post it here now that Blogger is back up, just because photos never look quite like they are supposed to on Facebook.

Yesterday, we got our first official thunderstorm of the year. There were a couple tornadoes spotted out to the northwest of us, nowhere near hitting Lincoln. Instead, what we got was thunder, lightning, wind, rain, and even a little hail. Cadence and I stood out on the front porch for a bit, watching the mayhem. She is certainly her mother's daughter, because she was loving every minute of it.

Yesterday's 365 Project is dedicated to our first thunderstorm of the season. We're already looking forward to more!

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