Tuesday, May 17, 2011

365 Project - Day 137 - Black Thumb

I'm not a flower person. I'm pretty sure this is at the top of one of Steven's "Reasons My Wife Is Awesome" lists. He never has to spend money on roses for Valentine's Day. He never has to remember my favorite type of flower to surprise me with an elaborate bouquet for our anniversary.

Don't get me wrong. I love flowers. I think they are stunning examples of God's intricate handiwork. I love the scent, the vibrant colors, the delicate folds of the petals and leaves. I even love the fact that their beauty is so fleeting, because even though they may wither and die at the end of a season, there is always the promise of a glorious rebirth.

I guess I just hate to see flowers cut, because even though they might make a beautiful bouquet, they just never seem to last very long, especially not for me. I'm the polar opposite of a Green Thumb. I even managed to kill a cactus once. I swear I followed all the directions to the letter, and then one day (about two weeks after buying it), I reached out and lightly touched one of the spines with my finger and watched in awe as the entire cactus crumbled into a pile of lumpy dust beneath my hand. I took that as a very distinct sign that I should not pursue a career in horticulture.

Grandma Luethje always loved flowers and plants, and she and Grandpa had a massive garden in the backyard, complete with fruit trees and a strawberry patch. I always marveled at the way she could make anything grow. One of these days, I would like to try my hand at planting a little garden, and when I do, I hope I can somehow channel some of Grandma's magic After the funeral yesterday, each of the grandchildren and great grandchildren chose a few flowers from the bouquets to take home with us, and I wanted to be sure I captured a little of their beauty while I could.

Tonight's 365 Project is dedicated to the beautiful flowers we love so much.

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